December 10 2014

The New Camilleri


10th October 2014
The test was positive!

We got a blood test done later that day to confirm the test. We fortunately got the results for the blood test the very next day, on the morning of Saturday 11th October. As a wonderful turn of events, this was also the morning of the March for the Babies that Cat & I attended to make a stand for all the unborn children aborted in Victoria.

As you can imagine, this day was especially significant for us!

cat Simon march


20th October 2014
This is the 6 week ultrasound showing our little baby’s heartbeat.

At this stage it is only 5mm big


20th October 2014
The very next day, we told Simon’s mum & dad (Vic & Bernadette) the news.
But of course, we couldn’t tell them like normal people!
Simon used a magic trick to give them a cryptic clue…

23rd October 2014
We hosted a belated combined birthday celebration dinner for Cat and Clive (Cat’s dad).
Clive likes nice wines and so we bought him a bottle of Grandfather port, as a way of breaking the news.
This celebration was especially wonderful, because both of Cat’s nans were able to be present.

(Now, skip ahead a bit over a month)

5th December 2014
On this day we got our 13 week scan.
It was very exciting, because it marked the end of the first trimester.

We were so grateful to God that everything is looking healthy and on track.
At this stage our baby is nearly 8cm big.

baby 13 weeks

It is crazy and very sad that at this stage they encourage you to do a test to see if your baby has down syndrome. In fact, the “12 week scan” that gets done at this stage is purely to check for signs of this, so that you can abort the child if the test comes out positive.

We have been adamant that we would not consider killing our child even if they were found to have down syndrome and so we did not get the blood tests done to check for it. We did however get the scan because we were keen to see our new family member and we are happy to have the scan picture above.

It is amazing how much has developed in such a short time and our baby has a fully formed body and organs, arms, legs, fingers, toes and detailed facial features. At this stage our baby is also sucking its thumb and moving around as its bones grow and get stronger.

It is devastatingly sad that 1 in 4 abortions happen when the baby is around this age, encouraged by the myth that the child is not human, valuable, or even “alive” at this stage. It boggles the mind and breaks the heart to think about the millions of children, as developed as our baby at this stage, who have been killed due to this lie.

Anyway! On a lighter note, here is something you might be interested in. Here are…

that we get asked as we tell people we are pregnant!

1. “When is the baby due?”

The baby is due at this stage on the 11th June, 2015 (subject to change without notice).

2. “How’s Cat feeling?”

Cat has actually been feeling pretty good with only a few of the dreaded pregnancy symptoms.
She’s had a little nausea and heartburn, but nothing too bad.
Mainly she’s just been exhausted and pretty drained, emotionally and physically.

But we’re only starting the second trimester, so who knows what fun symptoms await us!

3. “Where are you having the baby?”

We were thinking of going public, even though we had private health insurance,
but sadly we weren’t zoned for the Mercy Hospital, so (for a few reasons) we then decided to go private.
We’re having the baby at North Park Private, which is only 10 minutes south from our house in Mill Park.

4. “Will you find out the gender?”

Yes, we plan to, though we will have to wait til our 20 week scan in late January.
Some people like to find out the gender when the child is born, which is fine,

but we think it will be more personal to call our child he or she (rather than “it”).
We do not consider that we are “having” a baby. We have a baby. 
We have considered it a person and a member of our family right from the beginning.
We think relating to and referring to our little girl or boy will help express this reality for us.

Having said that, we are conscious of how children are boxed or narrowly defined by their gender
and we want to be conscious about not contributing to that. We believe gender is real and God-given,
but we do not think it is the most important aspect to a person’s identity.
Our child will first and foremost be a precious human being made in the image of God.
All other aspects, like the fact that they are our biological child and their gender,
will be secondary to that primary foundational aspect.

5. “Have you chosen names?”

Yes, believe it or not, we had agreed on a boy’s and girl’s name before we were even pregnant!

The question then arises, if we are finding out the gender,
will we name our child before it is born?

The answer to that is no. We will wait til after the child is born, before we give it its name.
If you’d like to know the names we have in mind for our child,
then you’ll sadly have to wait til they’re born as well. We’ll keep it a secret til then!

Please keep praying for us both and the health of our little new Camilleri,
and keep an eye on this blog page if you want to see more of our scans as our baby grows!



22nd January 2015

We got the 20 week scan and everything is on track and both baby and mum are very healthy.

20 weeks baby scan

They even did a 3D scan which didn’t come out great (in fact our baby looks positively depressed),
but it’s still pretty cool.


We can also now happily announce the we are having a girl!

This is wonderful and allows us to talk about our daughter and call her “she” rather than “it”.

Below is an edited version of the amazing 20 week scan (the full thing went for around 40 minutes).


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  1. By Jane on

    Very wonderful news. Sharing in your joy, Simon and Cat.

  2. By Bec on

    So excited for you guys and looking forward to meeting your little one!

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