February 24 2010

My God Story


This is the story of how I came to have the relationship with God that I have today.

The Christianese term for this is my “testimony”.

(Coming Soon)


I hope to write this in depth one day.

Sorry for those that are curious.

THIS BLOG gives a pretty good description of what prompted me to begin my journey with God.

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  1. By Cameron Spink on

    It says “(Coming Soon)” from over two years ago.
    No excuses, some of us are interested.


    Cameron Spink

  2. By Simon (Post author) on

    You should check out my post about “Meeting Piper, Meeting God”.

  3. By Malcolm Angus on

    Greetings Brother in Christ, I am totally new to blogging. I am a Jesus loving, God listening Christian.
    I am interested to hear, or should I say read, your testimony, I also understand the thought of where do I start and how far do I reveal?
    Well I believe if we move forward before waiting on our Lord and Saviour to reveal our true answers to many of these questions well will fail to fully truthful. Therefore we will full short of what Jesus and God wants of us to reveal.
    God bless you and keep you with his peace.

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