March 19 2010

Love Hate Relationship – A Poem

This is a poem I was inspired to write after attending an evening listening to the teaching of Sy Rogers.

God put his finger on an area of my life where I was holding on to a lot of bitterness. Well, to be frank, I was holding on to hate.

As I prayed and tried to just “give it to God” I realized I wasn’t able to let it go so easily. My hate, I realized, was actually very important to me, and couldn’t simply be thrown away like a used tissue. As I reflected on this relationship I had with my hate, this poem emerged….

A poem by Simon Camilleri 18/3/2010

I love my hate
I hold it close
It keeps me warm
It holds my tears
My broken heart
It shields from pain
Ensuring it won’t break again

My hate’s my friend
It sits with me
It hears my tale
It nods its head
It does not judge
It does not speak
It seethes for me when I am weak

It understands
It validates
It justifies
It advocates
It stands with me
Against the throng
Alone acknowledging the wrong

How could I
Sacrifice my hate?
How could I
Give up such a friend?
To let it go
Says I admit
That there was no real cause for it.

The only way
I could let go
Would be if God
Replaced my hate
It plays too much
A vital role
Its loss would leave too great a hole

God waits to see
What I will do
Will he be my
Hate’s substitute?
Will he be my true advocate?
Will I trust him more than my hate?


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  1. By Sue Ellen on

    Just “giving it to God” is a whole lot easier said than done. Even when things are unhealthy and unhelpful, giving them up can be hard because they feel safe. It’s a slow process… and that’s okay.

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