September 7 2022

Simon Says Magic!

I love magic tricks. I have ever since I was 12 and someone taught me how to make a coin vanish.

If you want to see all the magic tricks I have a video of (including some of my daughter’s), I post them on a Facebook Page here:

Every year my church, Bundoora Presbyterian Church, holds a creative arts night to raise funds for missionaries, which we call Bundy Unplugged. At this event I have the opportunity to perform songs, poetry and yes, magic tricks.

This year I performed one I call “Lost & Found”.

Watch the video of it (shown above) and if you want to try the trick at home, go grab four different cards that you are ok with ripping up. It’s a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity to perform alongside my 7 year old daughter, Dot – whose magical stage name is Little Miss Direction.  

The trick also has a surprising ending and I thought I could maybe share some of the magical secrets of how it was done with my patrons on my Patreon Page. If that is something you might enjoy, tell me in a comment and also before I give anything away, tell me your theories for how I did it!


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