July 18 2022

Peterson’s Message is Not Particularly Christian

Anyone notice that there was nothing particular “Christian” about Jordan Peterson’s advice to Christian Churches?

He suggested not to waste time getting distracted by peripheral issues, but then presented another non-gospel issue (encouraging men) that he suggests we put our attention to.

It was a bit like a super long Yelp review telling a restaurant that they need to get nicer lighting in their bathroom.

Like, good advice, but not really what the restaurant is actually focused on. And did you need a 10 minute video to make that point?

In the end, it’s fine to listen to if you’ve got a spare 10 minutes. He makes some good points. But he relates to the church as purely a social institution. Christ and him crucified is not mentioned. The gospel is not mentioned. God is not even mentioned. Souls are mentioned, but who knows what he actually means by that word? He’s probably not talking about one’s eternal destiny.

So take it as an interesting secular observation. Not as a prophet telling the Body of Christ how we need to repent and return to what we should really be on about.

If you want a better version of that, I’d read Christ’s “Message to the Christian Churches” in Revelation 2-3.


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