February 24 2010

When the Fat Lady Sings – A Poem

by Simon Camilleri 9/6/09

3 and a half days and one chapter ends.
3 and a half days a new one begins.
What do you do for those three and a half days,
When the silence is broken… When the fat lady sings?

Three and a half days of quiet reflection.
Three and half days of loud protesting!
Of grief, disbelief and of shaking your head,
As you wait for the song when the fat lady sings.

Her song is a ballad of 3 years of trying,
It tells of a broken heart I failed to win.
A sad, haunting tune that you wish you weren’t hearing.
Yes, the chords are all minor when the fat lady sings.

She’s been warming her voice now for many a month,
And right next to her there waiting in the wings,
Was another singer with a song of redemption,
Who will never will be heard when the fat lady sings.

In 3 and a half days she steps out on stage,
And I don’t know what her song into my life brings,
But I know I can’t cover my ears to prevent it,
So I’ll stop and I’ll listen… when the fat lady sings.


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Posted February 24, 2010 by Simon in category "Life", "Poetry", "Relationships", "Separation/Divorce

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